About ESIP's Creator, Sam Killermann

Hi! I’m sK. Here, I’m the shirt designer, slogan writer, and website mangler. Elsewhere, I’m an author, activist, and comedian.
You can read more about me than you’d care to know on my internet home page. You can also view some of my most popular work by clicking around It’s Pronounced Metrosexual (my free online resource about gender, sexuality, and social justice), or watching my gender TEDxTalk, or reading my books about gender or facilitation — all offered in the spirit of the gift, like Every Shirt is Political.
In fact, all of my work is offered in the gift, having uncopyrighted it all back in 2013.
I hope you dig Every Shirt is Political. It started as a rant on my blog, and has become one of my favorite experiments and outlets.
Yours in justice, peace, and rabble-rousing,
– sK