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Welcome to Every Shirt is Political, where every shirt is political, and 100% of proceeds support justice orgs

If you’ve marched, protested, or named yourself a member of the resistance, you’re in the right place.

We created this project to recognize several truths.

One, that every action we take, and every inaction we take, is political. Either it takes a step toward progress, or allows oppression push us back. This is the essence of our manifesto: you get to choose how you show up.

And a lot of us are showing up.

Many of us are mobilized, organizing, and working to resist Trump, Fascism, Racism, and other manifestations of oppression, but we struggle to bring these circles together — or to bring those actions into our daily lives. We put on our marching hat, then take it off when we go to work. This isolates us, and stymies our causes.

How do we show up every day?

We wear our cause like a badge, and brandish it in every space we enter. A shirt is a billboard, and you’re always advertising something (even when it’s blank), so we saw this as our opportunity. Knowing that most folks don’t have access to designers, screenprinters, or the know-how to make their own shirts, we created this project.

By operating in the gift, we offer a design to you at no cost, and connect printing (in the U.S.A., living-wage paid) and materials (ethically-sourced, sweatshop free) at exactly the cost it would be if you did the same. And we allow you to pay whatever you want beyond that — whatever you can, whatever you feel it’s worth, or whatever you feel is fair.

And 100% of what you choose to contribute below the manufacturing costs goes to justice organizations (like the ACLU and hues), to help further advance progressive causes, and fortify the resistance.

So that’s us.

Get a shirt, hang a poster, or spray a stencil. And share it back with us, and with the community in general, on Facebook or Instagram, or by using #EveryShirtIsPolitical.

Because silence fuels oppression. And every shirt is political. And every day is a protest. Choose how you show up.


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