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Beto Late Than Never

I cried twice last night. The first time was at about 9:10pm when ABC called the race between Beto and Cruz. The second was at 11:14pm while watching Beto concede.

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Like a lot of my fellow progressive Texans, I suspect, my first reaction was a mix of exasperation, exhaustion, and  “of fucking course we voted Ted Cruz back in.”

Beto Late Than Never Unisex Tee

The second sob session was different. It hit me deep, listening to Beto talk, how much hope I’d allowed myself to experience. How I had gone, over the past 15 or so months, from “nope, never” to “unlikely, but possible,” to “maybe, but prolly not,” and, finally, to “I believe this can happen.”

What I didn’t realize was that something else was smuggled in with that hope.

In the year and a half, I’d been following Beto, and talking to people about him, and listening to his speeches, seeing his platform evolve, watching him take ever-more progressive stances on positions I care deeply about, seeing him become a national phenomenon, then — despite the odds and conventional political wisdom and nay-saying — seeing him get so damned close to winning… and that closeness — a few percentage points! — unraveled something in me.

Beto Late Than Never Feminine Crewneck Tee

Texas is no longer a place where I live despite my progressive politics.

Texas became a shining light of progressivism that illuminated the nation.

Beto did that. He gave that to us.

I know he said he’s not going to run in 2020. And I know he’s already given us so much. In hours, in miles traveled, in moving the needle, in hope and passion and inspiration.

But I made this shirt for myself to take just a little bit more from Beto. To take a feeling with me these next couple of years: progressivism is Texan now, y’all.

And I’m going to be so fucking proud to wear that on my chest.

– sK

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Hey! Important note: This shirt is not officially affiliated with the Beto for Texas campaign, and any dollars you gift (whatever you pay beyond the cost of the shirt + printing) will not be donated to Beto. That said, if/when Beto does announce for 2020, I’ll be donating everything I can to his campaign.


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Replace War with Free Everything

Why “+” in Price?

The U.S. spends over half a trillion dollars a year on defense. The Iraq War alone has cost over $2 trillion. The Pentagon is responsible for billions in “black book” spending, loses millions in typos, and is held totally unaccountable. The examples go on. Suffice it to say: it all adds up.

Meanwhile, we regularly see politicians who push for things like free higher education, or food assistance programs, or subsidized healthcare labeled as unrealistic and foolish.

When over half of our federal spending goes to War, those things do seem like pipe dreams. But if we reprioritized our spending, we’d see that free education, food, healthcare, and more — free everything — is far more within reach than we realize.

Hell, we could have almost funded Universal Basic Income for a year in the U.S. for what we spent on the development of one fighter jet.

Or to put it another way…

“War replaced with free everything.”

I want that t-shirt.

— Alex Steffen (@AlexSteffen) February 5, 2018

Here’s that shirt, Alex.

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Stand Against Nazis Or You Stand For ‘Em

We’ve reached a weird point in history where it’s controversial to say “nazis are bad.”

The president has hemmed and hawed, contriving moral equivalencies between nazis and the people opposing them.

Some people claim free speech, other’s say they don’t want to step on anyone’s beliefs, but we think this issue is clear: nazis are real, they’re alive today, and they should have no place in our society — in every name they go by (neo-nazis, white nationalists/supremacists, identitarians, etc.). Continue reading Stand Against Nazis Or You Stand For ‘Em